The wearable sensor market is becoming bigger and bigger each day. What people do not realise is its one thing to track human/object motion and another to provide feedback to a person in a format we as humans best understand - audio-visual.

The MYCOACHBUDDY patented system invented by Richard (Rick) Baker in 2006 both tracks motion (a) using wireless MEMs sensors, which are very small mechanical devices,  gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers that can sense and send motion data coordinates to a computer, can be attached to objects like sporting equipment, or associated with athletic/e-textile smart clothing and provides (b) automatic computer generate, near real-time, personalised audio-visual instructional advice to a person from world renown experts or computer knowledge databases which helps a person achieve things on a daily basis, without expert person ever having to view persons captured motion. The nearest best thing to going to an expert for advice, which if you think about it is usually presented in an audio-visual fashion; expert talks to you and shows you things. Here simply is how unique MYCOACHBUDDY teaching system works.

  • Firstly, person has the wireless MEMs motion sensors attached to their sporting equipment or is wearing the sensors in smart athletic e-textile clothing
  • They select via Local or Remote computer system or computer in Smartphone, Smart TV whom they wish to receive advice from over a fast speed communications connection
  • Once this is selected and sensors are connected to computer database person performs a movement which maybe for example home exercising and this movement is automatically transmitted to database which houses selected experts audio-visual advice
  • Once the users movement data coordinates comes into the computer database the database sets upon analysing the users captured movement data coordinates against selected experts stored movement data coordinates and automatically generates a “visual” presentation of how the person has performed against selected experts movement which can be displayed back in near real-time on any screen, example Smartphone/TV, Google Glasses or PC.  Along with this visual presentation the MYCOACHBUDDY system also automatically generates “audio” instructional comments from expert on how best to improve, so person receives now a personalised “audio and visual” coaching presentation from expert like face to face communications today but the expert never has to see the persons movement.

There are potentially 100’s of applications this revolutionary personalised audio-visual system for interactive online coaching could be use for, here are just some examples, Home Exercising, Sports Training, Rehabilitation, Performance Monitoring, Motoring advice, Educational Services. This idea is covered by U.S. Pat. Pend No 12/311,025, Australian Patent AU 2007289025, Great Britain Patent No GB 2458392, Canada Pat. Pend No PCT/AU2007/001586

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